TM2 Format Part 1: Global Structure

TM2 differs from many modern and not modern codecs in aspect it uses different streams for different type of data – look at the scheme below:

[Global Header]
[Stream 0 - High-res chroma values]
[Stream 1 - Low-res chroma values]
[Stream 2 - High-res luminance values]
[Stream 3 - Low-res luminance values]
[Stream 4 - Update deltas values]
[Stream 5 - Motion vectors]
[Stream 6 - Block types]

Global header can be one of two types: old header type – all values are stored in 4-byte or 2-byte integers and new header type – header fields are stored in bitstream (9 bits for width and the same for height, 31 bits for flags, etc.).
One thing worth to mention – a mixture of big- and little-endian 4-byte integers in header values and use big-endian dwords in bitstream output.

Streams are huffman-coded array of values (called ‘tokens’) and consist of header, non-compulsory delta table (in this case tokens are just indices in that table), compressed Huffman tree and compressed tokens. Stream also can be empty (in case of intra-frames – that streams 4 and 5).

Decoder must decompress all these streams into memory and read tokens from one or another stream. Decoding process will be described in Part 2.

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